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Q representing quality
E representing environment
HS representing health ,safety ,environment
The Definition of QHSE management system :
That mean the management system which command and control organization in the Quality , Health, Safety, Environment .it’ basic on the ISO 9001 standard ,ISO14001 standard ,GB/T2800 series standard and SY/T6276 “Petroleum and Natural Gas industrial Health ,Safety and Environment management system “ ,which is integration by according to the principle of common compatible and personality complementary
The Requirements and Target of QHSE
Satisfy the demand for the customers , ensure the safety for the staff, protect the surrounding environment .The utmost to satisfy the needs of customers ,no accident ,no harm ,no loss.
The Characteristic of QHSE
Four Characteristic :
Wholeness , Hierarchy ,Persistence, Suitability, which is the whole employee , all-round and the whole process management .
Eight Principles of QHSE
1. Focus on customers, employee and social and also depend on them .the organization should understand the now and future requirements of customers ,employee and social ,meet theirs need and try to exceed theirs expectations .
2. Leadership plays that mean the leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They should create and keep the good inner environment to make employee
fully engaged and accomplished organizational goal .
3.Employees involvement : all rank employees were the essence of organizations , only when they fully engaged that to get profits for organizations by theirs abilities .
4. Process means which make the activities and its related resources as one process to manage, can get expectant result efficiently .
5. The management system method will make interrelated process as the system to indentify ,understand and manage , that will help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization to achieve the goal .
6. Continual improvement of the organization’s overall performance shoul be a permanent objective of the organization .
7. Decision method on facts , effective decision were based on the analysis of data and information .
8. The relationship mutual benefit with related party , the relationship between the organization and the related party were interdependent and mutually beneficial ,which this relationship can increase both sides ability to create the value .

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